Membership Plan

CCNNA takes action on behalf of the neighborhood through monitoring of Zoning and Licensing Issues
· Zoning Committee
· Resident Assemblies
· Safety Committee
· District 3 Police Meetings - Committee members and residents meet with District 3 on, usually, the first Tuesday of each month to discuss safety issues.

CCNNA keeps the neighborhood informed by communicating with Members and Residents
· General Resident Meetings
· CCNNA Newsletter and Website
· Email System
· Special Information Forums

CCNNA creates a true neighborhood by offering residents the option to participate in clubs, groups, lectures, educational offerings and FUN EVENTS!
· Blockbuilder's Program
· Spring Fling
· Social Activities
· Sip and Savor

Representing CCNNA in City Organizations
· Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)
· Capitol Hill United Neighborhoods (CHUN)
· Cherry Creek Steering Committee (CCSC)